Announcing the Front-End Tooling Survey 2019

The Front-end Tooling Survey is back! Please take part and help to provide insight into the tools we all use.

The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 - Results

The results of the 2018 Front-End Tooling Survey are out! Check out the results and analysis of the responses here.

Final Few Days to Make Your Voice Heard

Please spend 5 minutes to take part before the survey closes at the end of March.

Announcing the Front-End Tooling Survey 2018

The Front-end Tooling Survey is back! Please take part and help to provide insight into the tools we all use.

2016 – My Year in Review

A quick look back at 2016 from both a personal and professional perspective.

The State of Front-End Tooling 2016 - Results

The results of the 2016 Front-End Tooling Survey are out! Check out the results and analysis of the responses here.

Front-End Tooling Survey – 2016

The Front-end Tooling Survey is back for 2016! Take a look at how you can help to provide insight into the tools we all use.

Setting up a site on Digital Ocean

An explanation of the steps involved in moving your hosting to Digital Ocean.

Moving to HTTPS with LetsEncrypt

An overview of how you can easily make your sites secure by enabling HTTPS.

Some Updates…

A brief post on some of the updates I’ve made to my site’s hosting recently.

Attending FullStack 2016

A short overview of what I’ll be talking about at FullStack 2016 next week.

Extending Sass with PostCSS

A brief overview of why I find it useful extending Sass by adding PostCSS into the mix.

Aligning your Front End Process

A few tips for helping to align your processes across your team to help with consistency in your projects.

2015 – My Year in Review

A quick look back at 2015 from both a personal and professional perspective.

CSS text-shadow video tutorial

A video tutorial of my post on text-shadow is now available to view on Youtube.

The State of Front-End Tooling – 2015

I asked front-end developers to fill in a survey about their their knowledge and usage patterns across a number of front-end tools. Check out the results.

Front-End Tooling Survey – Help Needed!

As part of some research I’m doing into modern front-end workflows and tooling, it would be super useful if you could spend 2 minutes to answer a couple of brief questions…

Managing Inline Images in CSS

A look into the best ways of managing inline images for use in your CSS files.

PostCSS – Sass Killer or Preprocessing Pretender?

I take a look at a front-end tool that’s been gathering a fair bit of attention as of late.

A Guide to the Front-End Interview Process

Having recently been an interviewer and interviewee, I wanted to put together a brief guide for those preparing to interview for front-end roles.

Help to get Picture and Srcset fully implemented in Microsoft Edge

If you care about the future of Responsive Images, please carry out the following two requests.

Kickoff Version 5 released

A new version of the lightweight front-end framework has been released.

A New Challenge

Looking forward to new challenges and experiences as I move out of London.

Playing around with CSS text-shadow

What I learned playing around with CSS text-shadow for a couple of hours.

2014 – My Year in Review

A quick look back at my 2014.

Christmas Tracker – A Node.js Realtime Experiment

Check out my latest side project – a realtime Christmas word watcher built in NodeJS and SVG.

A collection of subtle loading effects using CSS transforms and animations

Some cool, but subtle, loading animations I knocked up on Codepen in a spare few hours.

Writing CSS (and Sass) that doesn’t suck

A list of some of the issues that I’ve come across when inheriting CSS that you should avoid when authoring your own projects.

A Retort on Simplicity

Simplicity isn’t about using out development tools less – it’s about using the right tool for the right task.

Creating button effects with box shadows and border radius

How to make some simple looking button effects using box-shadow and border-radius.

Getting started with the OSX terminal

An intro guide to the terminal, going over my most commonly used shortcuts and commands.

Are we getting too Sassy?

A look at the recent trend of micro-optimisation versus maintainability

Know Thy Interaction

Some useful and interesting links, in reference to my talk at Shropgeek, up in Shrewsbury.

A beginners guide to terminal aliases and functions

An intro guide to creating time saving terminal aliases and functions in Mac OSX.

The fall and rise of SVG – how SVG is more relevant than ever

There’s no doubting that SVG is going through a rennaisance right now. I take a look at at how modern techniques are bringing this old gem back to the forefront of front-end development.

Launch Sublime Text 2 or 3 from the Mac OSX Terminal

A really quick win to open up Sublime Text using one quick command from the Mac OSX terminal.

Controlling heavy weight websites

The worringing trend of creating beautiful websites at the cost of performance.

Sweating the detail

The last time I redesigned my blog, it took me over a year to have something to show for it. This time I gave myself a week.

Speaking up

Where I'll be speaking towards the end of 2013.

BBC GoodFood - The last year of my life

After a year working on the BBC Good Food responsive redesign, the site has now gone live!

JQuery UK 2013

Making the short trip to Oxford to attend and speak at jQuery UK 2013.

Responsively winging it, together

After returning from Responsive Day out, I felt reflective about the state of RWD.

Easy local device testing

Checking out some alternatives for local device testing.

New Year, New Ideas

Scrapping resolutions and making some realistic plans.

WebDevConf 2012

Making the short journey to Bristol to attend WebDevConf.

Media Query Mario

The result of spending some time hacking about with CSS3 and mashing it together with Mario 3…

Conditional CSS – an alternative

After reading several other solutions to the problem of linking up CSS media queries and JavaScript, here's my go at solving it.

A brief history of me

For the curious/crazy stalkers among you, a brief 'Who am I', and how I've fallen into doing whatever it is that I do.

Dragon Graphics goes live

After months of finishing touches/procrastination, the redesign of my blog, Dragon Graphics, has finally been pushed out into the world to fend for itself.