This site is supported by my friend, Wes Bos. You can check out Wes's latest courses by following the links below:

A note about affiliation

I aim to be completely transparent with anyone who comes to this site and reads the things that I publish on the web. Therefore I wanted to explain the use of affiliate links on the site.

My goal is to keep this site as free of ad's as possible – but an unfortunate reality is that as projects become more popular (namely the Tooling Survey I run each year) the costs of managing those projects, as well as the large email lists behind the scenes, becomes more costly.

As an example, the first year that I ran the Tooling Survey I had to close it at just over 2,000 respondants because of the SurveyMonkey fees being incurred.

Since 2017, the site has included links to various courses created by my friend, Wes Bos. Basically, by buying one of Wes's courses after following a link on this site, you not only get a great course, but you also help to support the projects that I run in future.

Having taken a number of Wes's courses in the past, I can vouch for their quality – a number of his courses are even completely free!

As ever, there is no obligation to buy any of these courses through my site. Thanks for taking the time to read this and anything else that I happen to put out on the web :)